Thoughtful Thursday #2

The Bishop Review

Thoughtful ThursdayThe biggest surprise for me, that I’ve found in my couple of years of writing reviews is which ones take off. Posts you think will be hits are often times duds and the reviews you write just to clarify one issue or just a silly post can become huge. My biggest post of all time, while not completely surprising, is still shocking considering all the other posts that I have written. That review is…drum roll please…Django Unchained Re-review.

90373_galYeah, not the original review that came out the day the movie was released, but the re-review that was posted only 4 months after the original. It was a much longer review and did contain spoilers for the film, possibly making it a more interesting read, but I’m still shocked by its placement as the most viewed page other than the home page. For a while my most viewed review…

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لم اكن سعيدة … ولم اكن غير سعيدة


سألني شادي والذي كنت قد قابلته قبل عدة أيام عبر انترناشون، مجتمع علي شبكة الانترنت يتيح للمسافرين اللقاء في مختلف البلدان، “هل انت سعيدة”، فطال صمتي.. لست سعيدة ولست لست سعيدة، سيل من الذكريات والأماكن والأصدقاء والإبتسامات والمحادثات، بلدان وأوجه مختلفة، حالات من الحزن العميق والإثارة الشديدة، إخفاقات ونجاحات علي مستويات مختلفة، فقدان وافتقاد وعائلة ووحدة وتحديات، صراعات داخلية وخارجية، مرض وصحة وقلق وحب، كل شيء في آن واحد.

“مفكرتش في السؤال ده قبل كدة .. يعني هو لازم الإنسان يكون سعيد؟ حياتي فيها حاجات سعيدة وحاجات حزينة”

تركني شادي أفكر، ولم يقطع حبل أفكاري الذي لم يفضي لأي شيء مفيد، علي الرغم من وضوح مشاعري تجاه كل شيء علي حده إلا ان محاولة استنباط صورة كاملة لمشاعري دائما ما تصيبني بالتوتر. وبعد ان غطست إلي قاع رأسي سريعاً في محاولة إيجاد جواب سريع وسهل، لم أجده. “نبيهة”، “بنص لسان”، “متحدثة لبقة”، “بتنقذ الموقف”، “عندها إجابات جاهزة لكل حاجة”، “مبتغلبش”،…

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The lessons of 20: 20 things my 20s have taught me

Shanika, you are not a motivational speaker

I wrote this 4 years ago.. and  I need to share it to my blog because it still makes me smile  LOL

1. The Power of Prayer: God is awesome!

2. Remembering to Smile: A smile changes everything for everybody.

3. At all times be as kind as possible

4. Everyone should have a full college experience, those years will either make you or break you, but they will definitely be years to remember

5. Make sure YOUR purpose is bigger than YOU, that is the only way you will reach your full potential

6. Never lie to yourself, its pointless and a waste of your valuable time

7. Love YOU.. all of you,

8. Be the BEST you, you can be ( always working on being better)

9. No really does mean NO!

10. Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent (Z-PHI) *smile*

11. My curly hair is…

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Is It Worth It?

The Elementals

Giving up on life seems to be the easiest thing to do
Freedom from this world seems to solve all troubles
Craving for infinite peace and serenity
Such things are hard to come by these days
It is easier to give up completely
It is easy to escape from all the hardships and challenges

But is it worth it?
To lose out on opportunities that make you stronger?
Is it worth it to lose out on a world that holds so much meaning?
Is it worth it to go out of this world lost and defeated?
Is it worth it?
All these escapes have no benefits…
It may give us that instantly gratifying piece of security.
But in the long run,
Is it really worth it?

The ElementElles

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