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I don’t think there is much doubt that the major contributing factor to the quality of our modern lifestyle (life span, physical goods, health, access to basic essentials, etc) is science and technology. Some might claim that it is contemporary political systems, especially democracy; or efficient economic systems, especially free-market capitalism, which are the main contributors, but in many ways these are just mechanisms for delivering sci-tech’s benefits.

You might say there is a chain of activity, with science first providing the fundamental information about how the world works, then technology taking that information and utilising it by creating real solutions, then business providing a way to distribute the results. Additionally you might include politics which coordinates the whole process and philosophy which provides the fundamental basis for everything but the more cynical amongst us might suggest that those two are more hindrance than help!

In case you were wondering…

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Sometimes we need to keep things
to ourselves.
We commit lies.
For better purpose.

A lie is always a lie.
It is a mistake.
A sin.
It kills me through my deepest.

I know and I am aware.
But still people do it.
We do it.

White or black
still has a lie at the end of it.
But we are still humans.
It will be our choice.

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Mirror of Your Soul

The Long Way Home

mirrorDo you have that person in your life that calls your bullshit no matter how hard you try to hide it? You know, you spend hours talking and telling this great story how things are great or awesome in your life and at the end he or she summarizes it all in one sentence – bullshit.

No matter how hard you try to deceive yourself with sweet lies and convince yourself one way or another way somehow they see thru all that.  It seems like you are looking in the mirror, trying to tell yourself how beautiful you are, how nice your hair is, how stylish you are but at the end you actually only see the real you – someone who did not shower this morning, who has messed up hair and smeared makeup.

I am just wondering how many people would actually pick the bitter truth over sweet lies?…

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The pain comes within

Sophie Kokinakes

When the idea of creating a blog jumped into my mind, it was the result of lost feelings and dull words. I was just realizing that I have many things to say but unfortunately, at every attempt of getting honest and true, I always succeed to find a way of hiding some facts, or even clearing others in order to please my listener.

In this daily journal, I want to speak about everything, to go from all to nothing.

As a matter of fact, I’ll be so honest that I’ll start by introducing myself:

My name is not Sophia, but Sophia was dear to me. I chose a pseudonym to hide my identity, because I’m not quite ready to reveal it. I’m a freshly graduated journalist and I’m searching for a job.

Everyone who meets me know what a strong and brave person I am. I occupied two positions in my…

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The Ugly Truth

Swapnil Surve

DISCLAIMER#1: Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. 😛

You’re officially out of the nest,
With your insides rushing with zest

The gates welcome you with a swipe of your identity,
Enticing you with incentives to surrender your life’s serenity

You get trained to be a slave,
While they monetize you for being so naïve

The Ugly Truth

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